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Berkshire Bacon



The Berkshire is a British breed of pig. It originated in the English county of Berkshire, for which it is named. It is normally black, with some white on the snout, on the lower legs, and on the tip of the tail.
It is a rare breed in the United Kingdom. It has been exported to a number of countries including Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States, and is numerous in some of them.
Are you tired of bacon that is too salty and cured with ingredients that you wouldn't use at home? Look no further! We here at Heritage Berkshire have created the best tasting bacon with the perfect balance of taste. Using all natural ingredients like turbinado sugar and sea salt, we have produced a rich, flavorful, and robust bacon using a generations-old English method of smoking meats with hard wood. Our bacon contains no added nitrates or nitrites, no MSG, no chemical additives and no preservatives.

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