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Angus Ground Beef Ontario


Angus beef comes from a Scottish breed of cattle, called Aberdeen Angus. Angus are known for the high level of marbling in their meat. ... A lot of marbling keeps the meat moist for longer when cooking. And where there's marbling, there's tender, juicy and flavoursome beef.

Luxury Combo 8 items


8 Items: Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Striploin 4oz x2 Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu A5 Ribeye 6oz x2 Lobster Tail x4

Seafood & Meat Combo 16 items


16 items:Lobster Tail 5-6oz x 2Angus Beef Striploin 8oz x 1Angus Beef Ribeye 8oz x 1 Halal Chicken Split Wings 2lbs x 1 No Bump Chicken Breast x 4Chicken Cordon Bleu x 3Cheddar and Chive Cod x 2Sea Bass x 1Black Cod x 1

Meat Combo 17 items


17 items: Angus T-Bone Steak x2 Angus Beef Flat Iron Steak x 2 AAA Striploin Steak Centre-Cut x 2 No pump chicken breast x 4 Chicken Cordon Bleu x 2 Boneless Duck Breast x 2 Berkshire Pork Chops (French Cut) x2 Orange Sauce x1

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