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AAA Striploin Steak Centre-Cut 6oz


Centre Cut – In the strip loin it refers to the rib end of the strip loin that does not include the tissue/vein end portion. Saddle – A naturally occurring indentation or dip in the strip loin. Tail – The portion of meat and fat that extends from the eye to the end of the strip loin.

AAA Ribeye 8oz


Many people describe it as having a texture that melts in their mouth. Since there is little connective tissue or fat, there are no tough bits to chew through. In contrast, ribeye steak is a little tougher than filet mignon. However, the high fat content marbled through creates a very tender, juicy cut of beef too.

AA/AAA Striploin Steaks 10oz


The strip loin steak has a reputation for being a true menu favorite and is considered by many to be the most popular and versatile of all the steak classics. This steak has an excellent blend of firm texture and fine marbling that delivers exceptional flavour and tenderness. Strip loin steak specialties often include toppings and sauces like peppercorn sauce,...

AA/AAA Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon 5oz 2pcs


With all of the flavor and glamour of a gourmet dish, these exquisite beauties turn any night into a special occasion with a big plus of minimal dishes and fuss! That’s because these flavorful pan-seared tenderloins go from prep to plate in about 20 minutes and taste just as mouth-watering, yet cost far less than dinner at a steakhouse. Filet...

AA/AAA Striploin Steaks End to End 6oz


As the name states, striploin end cut comes from the hip end of short loin. Due to where this cut is located, striploin end cut tends to have more connective tissues but have equally marvelous marbling and high yield as to other section of striploin. The sirloin end of the striploin that contains a half moon shaped piece of connective...

AA/AAA Beef Tenderloin Steaks 6oz


Filet mignon is a small, compact melt-in-your-mouth tender piece of steak. The meat is very fine-grained in texture as well as low in fat, which makes it both buttery and mild in flavor compared to other cuts of meat. If you prefer a softer, thick cut of beef, filet mignon is a perfect choice.

Veal Scallopini


Breading and pan-frying veal cutlets is a classic and delicious way of preparing veal. The result is perfectly coated, browned, and tender veal cutlets that are easily made with a simple process: shallow-fried in oil until golden on the outside and tender on the inside. These veal cutlets can be paired with almost anything, especially with a few lemon wedges on...

White Milk Fed Veal Scallopini


Veal calves traditionally have been fed a strict milk or formula diet, and their movement has been limited. As a result, milk-fed veal is white in color. (In general, the more muscle tissue is used, the darker it becomes.)

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