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Meat Combo 17 items


17 items: Angus T-Bone Steak x2 Angus Beef Flat Iron Steak x 2 AAA Striploin Steak Centre-Cut x 2 No pump chicken breast x 4 Chicken Cordon Bleu x 2 Boneless Duck Breast x 2 Berkshire Pork Chops (French Cut) x2 Orange Sauce x1

Boneless Duck Breast


Our premium, All Natural Boneless Duck Breast has the rich flavor of red meat, but is as lean as chicken! Lightly marinated to ensure the best cooking experience possible and allows for limitless creativity. Duck breast is the perfect product to create a gorgeous, upscale or casual entrée. Serve on salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and much more!

Smoked Duck Breast


The easiest way to turn smoked duck breast into a meal is to make a sandwich. Slice duck breast thinly and layer with your favorite accompaniments. Our Smoked Duck breast is also good with any kind of salad .

Duck Spring Roll 10pcs


These duck springs rolls would be great with a wide range of sauces. Specially orange sauce, they are phenomenal. Air Fryer Version Preheat air fryer to 350 degrees F. Brush the tops of the spring rolls with vegetable oil. Arrange spring rolls in a single layer into the basket of the air fryer. You will have to cook in batches....